Playing politics within India with the opposition is easier than winning at the world stage and getting favorable deals for India: Signs of genuine talent!

Karnataka IT minister flays central govt on H1B visa issue



R.I.P. Robert Miles. Recorded his music from the radio player using TDK and Sony cassette tapes. Bought his albums. Listened to his songs and listened to children a hundred time during my school days in my 90s. His tracks played on my walkman and I kept listening in a loop his tracks on my train journeys from my college in North India to Kolkata, India starring out of the window of standing on the footboard of the open compartment exit door of the moving train.

Sleep and my ambition

Not sure of the amount of toxic waste my brain produces everyday and how it does it take to clean it? I cannot live without an average 8 hours of sleep everyday.

Look at the Napoleons, the Shah Rukh Khans, the Marissa Mayers and the Narendra Modis ruling the world.

Friends – Do I lack fire and passion in my life? Have I stopped being hungry?

Make In India/Buy American Hire American

Indian citizens living in the US and India who supported Modi and his Make In India pitch and who also –

  • depend directly (either works in the US on an H1-b or aspires to work in┬áthe US on a H1-b)
  • or depend indirectly (works in a sector which benefits from H1-bs)

are now tasting their own medicine.

However Modi’s Make In India pitch is wholly about sustaining India’s economic growth while the new US president’s Buy American Hire American (at least the Hire American part) tone reflects not only genuine realizations to create more american jobs but also a certain xenophobia of his support base who voted him to power.