Oh Bengal

I wish I could wake one day to find all corruption gone in my state of West Bengal and everyone starting anew!


GMR row: India tells Maldives not to take any coercive action – The Times of India on Mobile


Corporatism is now a part of India. Indians complain of large American corporate sharks like Walmart of funding the democrat campaign in the US and using Obama and Hillary Clinton get the Indian government to allow Walmart and Walmart-alikes to setup shop in India. But the Indian property and real estate company GMR has now got itself into a mess in the Maldives. The current regime is not happy with the closeness GMR enjoyed with the previous one and the Indian government is crying foul now that Maldives has dishonored it’s contract with GMR leaving it and Indian banks to face imminent loses of hundreds of millions of dollars. Corporate lobbying in New Delhi is not that well structured and of a scale compared to Washington but corporatism and lobbying is fast catching up.