Oh Bengal

I wish I could wake one day to find all corruption gone in my state of West Bengal and everyone starting anew!


Couchsurfing in Pristina, Kosovo

Smile in Europe

After having a wonderful experience couchsurfing in Sofia, and not having found any hostels in Pristina, Kosovo, I decided to couchsurf once again. Usually, it’s my personal policy to stay either with girls or with couples. For obvious reasons, I never couchsurf alone with a male-host. Well, guess what? None of the couples or women that I contacted in Pristina were able to host. A guy named Bardh replied to me saying that he’s away in his home town, but that I should get in touch with his roommate, Sabahet, and see if he’d be able to host me. I looked at Sabahet’s profile, the different feedback that other couchsurfers had left about him, and figured that it’s safe to apply some flexibility on my policy.

When I arrived to Pristina, Sabahet met me at the bus stop. His English was very good and he seemed very genuine and friendly…

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