With regards to this article I read I am more concerned about the mighty Sunderban Mangroves and its sheer mystic beauty than usual news on terrorism.

HuJI man on hire drive

I am concerned that this quaint place on this earth, with its people and environment so removed from what happens elsewhere can become another battleground for law enforcers and criminals. The dead silence and the deep and pitch black darkness of its nights, the groan of the Bengal Tigers and the chirping of insects deserves protection in this world where places of interests like the Middle East with all its rich history or the jungles of Jharkhand which could have been excellent camping and hiking destination a few hours drive from Kolkata are for most parts inaccessible to many enthusiasts.

The good news is that the bad guy has been caught. More need to be done to patrol and police this area to stop it being turned into a den for criminals.

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Sunderbans at dusk

Sunderbans at dawn

Sunderbans at morning