Conversations while on a date

Dating is so much about seemingly deceptive conversations than seemingly intelligent conversations these days!


Low attrition points to a hidden disadvantage for Kolkata

Kolkata Office Areas - Source Wikipedia Images

Kolkata Office Areas – Source Wikipedia Images

There was a time when private companies/corporations based in Kolkata and branch offices of national and international companies especially Information Technology companies used to take pride in the low staff attrition rates prevalent in the Kolkata offices. This is partly due to limited job opportunities as a result of fewer companies and the tendency of most Bengalis to feel content with his or her life and current income.
The roots of the above issue which created a boon earlier has now created a bane. Companies find it difficult to expand operations due to poor availability of human capital. Many (maybe be most) commerce, arts, science and engineering graduates from this region planning to work move to other cities in India. Mangers find it hard to staff open positions with good resources and the work place continues to be boring with employees sharing a similar background.

Uber cool cell phones and what we do with it first after buying

I bought myself the LG Optimus 4X HD P880. It is a super phone. It looks and feels good. The screen and overall performance is good too.  I am now a big fan of this phone. This phone is like an undiscovered jewel in the ranks of Samsung Galaxy SIIIs, Appple iPhone 5s and HTC One Xs.

However I wanted to talk about another aspect. How many of you remember the days when the first thing you wanted to do after buying a new cell phone was to select and change the ringing tune and wallpaper. Well those days are past and we behave differently. When I got my new phone a few weeks back I played with stuff like NFC, downloading and configuring apps etc. Its been weeks and I did not care to see what ringtones and wallpapers have come pre-loaded so that I can choose and set my favorite ones. It was only until today that I remembered that hey I forgot to choose the basic tweaks for my cell phone 🙂 !!!