Sony MDR V-6 Headphones

Proud owner of a Sony MDR V-6 from today. Wanted to buy a Audio Technica M50 but the MDR V-6 is good way to gauge what audiophile tendencies are without burning a hole in ones pocket . This quenches my thirst for a good headphone to listen with plugged into my laptop.

The following link is to a great buying guide for headphones. It helped me to a great extent.

I was initially looking for headphones with an accentuated bass and bought a Sony MDR  XB600 from Amazon. Had to return it as the music sounded artificial – the bass was bloated, details in the mid frequencies were not distinguishable and the sound was too shrill.

Also bought a Sony MDR ZX 300 Red as a more stylish alternative to my Sennheiser PX 100. But even before opening the packaging for the ZX 300 I realized that its performance will not be close to the PX series headphones considering the hallowed status of Sennheiser in the audiophile world. I have to live with the fact that for cell phone music playback I have no better alternative than the PX 100. I feel the PX 100 is a great headphone and the sound fidelity is good, the bass just the amount I like however it lacks style like all Sennheiser headphones. After using the PX 100 for a year I wanted a more stylish alternative with the same or better sound quality. But none is available. I do not like IEMs. Probably will try the PX 200 in the future.

Buy now you might have realized that I have just entered the world of audiophiles. However let it be known that I am not in any rush and will not be graduating soon. My perspective is that a good headphone is a ‘means’ to listen to great music.

Sony MDR V6


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