Music of Queen – St Louis Symphony


St Louis Symphony - Music Of QueenI was was looking forward to a show where at least some tracks were solely instrumental. There were none. Throughout the performance the sound of the orchestral instruments was repressed which made the music director appear like a monkey or a manic moving his hands rhythmically. This is not how I though he appeared to be when I went to one of his shows two years back where he directed a performance of O Fortuna – Carmina Burana .

The sound of the performance reminded me of many rock concerts I have attended in the past. The vocalist was a all round performer not only singing like Freddie Mercury but acting like him too. At hindsight I feel this show was especially for Queen and Freddie Mercury enthusiasts (and they filled Powell Hall in large numbers). I am however a average rock music fan with almost equal respect for many bands and performers.

In the end of this post I would like to say that my spend of $50 on this show is in the border of being worth and not worth. But on second thoughts considering the weekend here was wet and stormy and one had to stay indoors I think the show was worth the 50 bucks.


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