Keeper of tales


I had once watched a documentary and read a newspaper story on the repertoire of tales and experiences of taxi drivers in big urban centers. This is especially true for cities like New York City where taxis are a major form of transport. Taxi drivers are privy to conversations of lovers, businessman, scamsters etcetera. As shown in some films the passengers also start conversations with them. What taxi drivers keep hearing can range from something poignant to sundry and mundane.


But in this age of security cameras there is another group of people who are now the keeper of great many tales of human behaviour. They are witnesses to office romances, perfect kleptomaniacs stealing items and other funny and weird incidents and one-off behaviour.  The job of a security officer in a control room can become occasionally interesting due to any of of the many silent movies that continually play on the screens in front of him.

A related incident involving me happened a few years back at my workplace.  In the midst of some tough and testing times, face down and in deep thought as I was, I dashed towards the escalator in hopes of stopping one that was just about to reach my floor. Instead of hitting the escalator button I swiped my building access RFID card over the escalator button with quick reflexes. I realised what I had done and seeing no one around me felt relieved only to realise after a while that the cams were watching me. Rockwell[singing] … I always feel like somebody’s watching me …  🙂


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