Uncomplicated wines

Unoaked Merlot

Unoaked Merlot

If you are not keeping well do not drink. Be it a slight headache or a slightly upset stomach.

But if it has been a long time (in days) since you had your last drink and want to have something before going to bed or it is that rainy day, cold and mellow try an un-oaked wine. These are especially good for times when you are feeling feverish or jaundiced.

These are not oaked in barrels which gives them a very uncomplicated taste. With lesser number of exotic and complex organic chemical compounds in them as a result of the aging process being skipped they taste straight. Do not try to look for a hint of this or a hint of that. You will not get those.

My experience with these wines has been good. I bought a Merlot for myself and paired it with mild cheddar. This one was made in California by ‘Simply Naked.


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