MP3 files in the age of cloud and music services: MP3s as collectables

So how many of you buy and download mp3 files still. A lot of people are moving away from downloading a file to their computers. Many more do not buy the tracks they want to listen and instead subscribe to a music service like Pandora or Spotify. But let me share what I like doing. I am old school and I still like buying mp3 files online and downloading them. The My Music library on my Windows is like a treasure trove to me. It contains Indie dance, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Pop from the 80s through to the latest hits, Club, Electronica, Bollywood songs, Indian pop and Bengali tracks. To see those 20 gigabytes of music files in one place makes me exclaim wow what a rich collection I have accumulated over the years. It is a testament to what I like to hear, a testament to me and it is present in that hard drive.

One of my friends suggested that I switch over to music services completely. He is the regular kind of ‘latest hits’ listener to whom I cannot explain that an mp3 file with its tags, media info, album art and sound is a collectable to me and not just a file on my computer.
When I was in school, I used to wish of a having a huge cupboard having hundreds of cassettes and compact discs. Well with the pocket money I used to get I could only manage a hundred and not several hundreds. With the advent of digital music I have forgotten that little wish. But storing my entire collection online on the cloud (I do keep a copy of my music files on the cloud but that is just for back up) or not buying music at all and instead paying to subscribe to music services are not things which excite me. However, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube and their cousins are not bad when I said what I said above. These places are wonderful places to discover new music, develop taste for varieties you were never sure about earlier (like Indie) and meet likeminded listener friends. I credit my new found crush on Indie dance music to Pandora. For your information I buy my mp3s from They sell cheap at 5 cents and I am able to find 95% of the tracks I look to buy and for the remaining I turn to Amazon.

Apple iTunes Music Store open in India
I was ranting the other day about India not having enough online stores to buy music. Just then Apple announced the opening of iTunes Music store in India. I am travelling back to India in Jan 2013 for long term and this is good news to me others and like me in India.


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