Uber cool cell phones and what we do with it first after buying

I bought myself the LG Optimus 4X HD P880. It is a super phone. It looks and feels good. The screen and overall performance is good too.  I am now a big fan of this phone. This phone is like an undiscovered jewel in the ranks of Samsung Galaxy SIIIs, Appple iPhone 5s and HTC One Xs.

However I wanted to talk about another aspect. How many of you remember the days when the first thing you wanted to do after buying a new cell phone was to select and change the ringing tune and wallpaper. Well those days are past and we behave differently. When I got my new phone a few weeks back I played with stuff like NFC, downloading and configuring apps etc. Its been weeks and I did not care to see what ringtones and wallpapers have come pre-loaded so that I can choose and set my favorite ones. It was only until today that I remembered that hey I forgot to choose the basic tweaks for my cell phone 🙂 !!!


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