Kolkata; A heartless city !

Kolkata was once known as a city with people who could stop in the course of their lives, in the course of their daily cat and mouse games and tend to ones, even complete strangers in need. A decade and more back passersby would take the pain to get an injured accident victim to hospital and even stay in the hospital for a length of time till such arrangements like availability of treatment, presence of relatives are ensured. But take a look at the how citizens react to such situations now


So have the same people who would have reacted otherwise a decade or more back changed or is this a behaviour from the newer generations? I believe it is a mixture of both.

While in school I could see that the batches junior to us had very different priorities in life and so did the batches senior to us. Neighbours who used to be of so much help years back now are helpful with greater self caution and political correctness.

So can we divide this change in societal behaviour by a imaginary line in time. We cannot but interestingly the name of the city was changed from Calcutta to Kolkata in 2001. One more time, the distance between the two cities is made better known to me today.


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